Developing Automated 
Testing Frameworks

"Devops" seems to be all the rage these days, but what does the term really mean?
In this 3-day course, we will explain how to build a scalable automated testing framework.

The course will demonstrate a new and highly successful approach to automated testing at scale. Historically, automated tests have been used as a tool to expedite the manual QA process. Instead, we will explore what is possible when writing tests are considered as part of the software engineering discipline. The goal of this course is to put you in a position to do what few engineers in the world today can do: design effective automated functional tests and use them to build a testing framework that is both useful and robust.

This course is aimed at teaching engineers how to achieve success in the rapidly evolving world of automated dev/sys-ops. If you're an engineer and want to better understand how to design and build systems that help you improve the quality of your applications, increase up-time in production and manage your own test infrastructure in a scalable way this course is for you.

Please note that this course won't teach you how to code since you're required to bring those skills with you. This course is designed to help software engineers develop 'systems thinking' and teach them hands-on automation skills. We also focus on developing the mindset required to give you the ability to build testing and deployment automation into your applications.

This course will be highly practical and will incorporate hands-on opportunities for students via instructor-led classroom exercises, labs and projects. You will benefit from this course either as a junior or experienced engineer seeking to optimize your organization's automated tests, CI system and release management pipeline.

Day 1.
- Code churn: the best bug predictor known
- Command-line data analysis and visualization
- Test performance optimization
- Dev IS production: provisioning a CI system at scale
- Testing in production with real-time monitoring tools

Day 2.
- Devops and QA: moving beyond root cause analysis
- Anomaly detection algorithms
- Applied graph theory: finite state machines and equivalence class partitioning
- How do I decide what to test?!?

Day 3.
- Static analysis: linters, checkers and structural analyzers
- Assertions: the art of the stack trace
- AB testing and config flags (aka: feature flags, feature flippers, feature toggles, branching in code, branch-by-abstraction)
- How do I get started writing tests for a system that has no tests?!?

The total cost for the 3-day course is $2,100
(Special discount is available for Hakka Labs community)

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430 Park Ave 3rd floor
Date TBD

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